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How To Use

Step 1 - Select the appropriate asset class.
Step 2 - Fill out as many details as you can.

sample script

You: Hi, NAME how are you today? (if you don't have a name or can't pronounce it just say Hi, how are you today?)

Seller: No wrong name

You: I'm sorry I was looking for an apartment (mobile home park) (Self Storage) owner. Do I have the correct number?

Seller: No I don't own an apartment (mobile home park) (Self Storage)

You: Can you connect me to someone who might be thinking of selling one?

Seller says yes then get that information. If seller says no disconnect the call.
You: Great. I was calling about the property at ADDRESS OR City. We are buying properties in the area and looking for some other opportunities. I'd love to learn more about your property. Have you considered selling your property?

Seller: No I don't want to sell.

You: Can you connect me to someone who might be thinking of selling one?

If seller says yes he is looking to sell ...

You: Great! Do you have 5-10 minutes I would like to ask you a few questions about the property.

QUESTIONS not just questions and answers make this a conversation!
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MHP/RV Parks





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